What do you do with anger?


Hey friends, every Friday I will try and post a few steps on this topic of anger. Feel free to leave your comments.

Anger is an issue women deal with.   It was one of my issues way back and I desired to learn to stop it and change me. .

 STEP #1 is to admit, I have anger issues. Do you?

Here are some of the phrases you might say to yourself, I am maxed out, frustrated, or stressed.

I said I was frustrated. I did not like how I was reacting. This is where God and I went to work on the mountain of anger that was within me.

Since then, I have coached many women over the years and anger is a HOT button.

Learn to live free from it, stand up and voice. Then you do not react or shut down.

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STEP #2 is to learn to listen to what is going on inside of you. So you have to close your mouth. And just listen. This can be a very hard step.  Yep, listen to your body, to you, to the triggers. What caused you to get ticked off?

Do you vent or go passive and then aggressive?

Be coached to change your reactions. Be coached to be kind yet truthful!

You are not alone. Leave me a comment.