Enroll in the DIY course and receive the 11 How to Recipes for Christian Women Writers to do the hard work, receive step by step secrets, so that you can get  your story out of you, and write your book(s)a lot faster than I did and finally hold your book(s) that others have been telling you that you need to write.

The how to recipes:

  • How to know where to start to write so that you can resurrect your buried creativity.  
  • How to offer hope and find the purpose from your pain so that you can soar.
  • How to build a platform that needs your story so that you can speak.
  • How to grow loyal followers that will connect with you and want your book.
  • How to expand your reach online and off line so that you impact others.
  • How to grow in confidence as the author you dream of becoming so that you can hold your book(s) in your hands.
  • How to discern the best writing route for you and know it, so that you can feel great about yourself.
  • How to affirm and live out your life purpose so that you have fulfillment. 
  • How to celebrate life along the way. And smile knowing you are doing what you were created for so that you find purpose from your pain (books, art, music). 
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My former life-coach, Darlene Larson has designed a truly God inspired idea. Check the Writers‘ Recipe Box out… my year of coaching with Darlene was an investment with true Kingdom impact. Diana P.