You want guidance. And you want someone that has discernment and wisdom to help you. And you CRAVE to have someone listen to your traumatic painfilled story to help you unpack it for the good and the gold and to live with less pain. 

VIP – is a must if you want to smile like this lovely lady here in the picture knowing deep within her there is something good coming forth. If this sounds like a match for you- Book 30 free minutes of coaching ~ to discuss this plan!

  • Your Life Matters. You only have one. Take inventory of your life achievements, skills, abilities.
  • Pain Points.
  • Limiting Beliefs.
  • Roles.
  • Core values. And your heart’s most burning desire and much more…
  • This year of coaching will save you tears, years, money, and mental anguish and you will learn to be comfortable in your own skin to become more YOU. Grow you. Then multiply your dream so that you live beyond all the trials, mess, and hurt and deliver your purpose to a hurting world. Invest in life purpose coaching to live your one best life. Hire me and we will work together over a years time with 40 hours of focused coaching.(over zoom) Plus Coaching PDF’s (books bought on your own) email and text availability throughout our time.

My year of coaching with Darlene was an investment with true Kingdom impact. Diana P.

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