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Coaching – Girlfriend Growth Groups! 6-55 minute $187.00

Grab a girlfriend or two and contact Darlene. Your life will be richer for investing in yourself!

I coach and teach women in a safe environment filled with grace and truth. This allows them to feel loved and accepted to expose their junk. No shaming is allowed! Group coaching brings honesty, freedom, and empowerment. Issues that might come up is anger, jealousy, comparison, worry, communication challenges, relationship issues, and fear to name a few.

Leave your coaching time with a girlfriend to hold you accountable, as you both step to walk out the truth learned in your coaching group. Powerful, invigorating, life changing growth groups bring freedom. Meet weekly or bi-monthly.

Be coached by Darlene over Hearts with a Purpose Conference Line or in a face to face group and GROW. 

Purchase for $187.00 

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