Darlene was my favorite part

Darlene, thank you for not sugar-coating, dumbing down, minimizing or over-extending us/your message from God to us this weekend. You were my favorite part. I have been to many retreats, but never have I experienced a speaker willing to meet with ladies one on one to put your money where your mouth is and meet us at a personal level. Your unique and empowering ministry is an absolute blessing. How you can really encourage and address issues with women without shaming them or shutting them down is amazing. Thank you for being committed to Christ, the Gospel, the Kingdom advancement, and to women. You spoke truth into my life situation, and I am now set free from the lies I had been believing about myself - praise Jesus! You helped me establish healthy boundaries in relationships in my life, and for over a year now, those relationships thrive and are full of joy instead of hurting. Through your guidance, by the Holy Spirit at work in you speaking into my specific situation, I am empowered to take steps forward in many areas of my life, and I am no longer stuck. There is a marked difference in my life every day of the impact you have on my life.

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