Enable me Lord to Shift series

 Are you stuck in idle? Lean how to shift into truth and live!

In this 31 day devotional book learn how to grow in your (spiritual domain, book #1)relationship with the Lord.

Enable me, Lord, to Shift teaches a verse a day.

Enable me, Lord, to Shift provides a daily inspirational story.

Enable me, Lord, to Shift contains a self-assessment report card.

Enable me, Lord, to Shift offers the reader a coaching assessment.

Enable me, Lord, to Shift offers three coaching questions per devotional.

Enable me, Lord, to Shift is birthed from how I did life for over twenty years while I lived in toxicity and emotional abuse. I would take my questions one by one to God and ask Him, how in the world am I to live under this situation?

Read and apply the verses from Enable me, Lord, to Shift  and be transformed from the inside out—and live!

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