Mother and Daughter

Mother / Daughter Relationship Coaching 5-55 minute $447.00

(Especially for Moms and Daughters of adopted and/or adoptee stories)

And for those relationships where abuse skewed the children with triangulation!

How do mother and daughters navigate life’s journey to be separate women, yet remain in touch to have a healthy relationship?

Is your daughter hurting you? “My daughter keeps rejecting me and my love for her.”

Is your mom driving you nuts?  “My mom will not let me grow up. She wants to know everything about me and my life. She wants to control. I need space.

I coach mother and/or daughters towards a healthy relationship. Be coached through the how to and the how not to parent. Experience the relationships you long for.  Fun. Laughter. Joy. Love. Experiences. Togetherness, memory making. Take a step towards your dream. 

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