Show-n-tell Coaching Video!

Watch Two videos of Show-n-Tell Coaching.
One on One coaching and What to expect.

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      Thank you, Phyllis! Thanks for your prayers too! Blessings always! Darlene

  1. Beverly Bubb

    Every woman needs this! So often women are stuck; they may even know their passion, but they do not know how to turn that passion into reality. Coaching with a gifted coach like Darlene will help you connect your dreams and passions to tangible and fulfilling outcomes. I am in this process right now and it is marvelous!


      Thank you so much, Beverly. You are a joy to coach. And I can not wait to see all that God is going to do with you.
      You have a passion that God wants to use. Blessings and prayers, Darlene

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