What people say after sitting in my audience!

I desire to continue to grow and improve with speaking and teaching! Therefore, I ask for feedback from my audience.

I spoke online: Learn How to Confront. I offer workshops and boot camps on this topic for women. A woman searched me out afterward and said,  “The information presented during this interview was helpful. Especially how you envision your exit with confrontation. Thank you for the information.” B.

(This picture and first list comes from a packed out room at the SpeakUp Conference 2022)

  • Thank you for your heart and story.
  • I appreciate your authenticity.
  • I really appreciate you.
  • You encourage me!
  • You are very enthusiastic and motivating.
  • I love the 21 points and with -morning pages, great idea to get me going.
  • The list was very helpful.
  • Well Done.
  • Excellent Advice.
  • WOW, amazing passion and motivational tips! 
  • Don’t wait for creativity to show up!
  • Love your passion and genuineness! Wonderful, practical information. Blessings.
  • The encouragement to write in your pain was helpful.
  • Honesty.
  • The tangible actions to take immediately.
  • You really validated so many of my thoughts and feelings.
  • Love your every word is real estate.
  • Appreciate your heart to reach out.
  • Suggestions to know how to bleed on the page.
  • I relate to your story.
  • SO powerful.

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A Day on Purpose- and all day event. A Day on Purpose!

  • I heard the Truth.
  • Thank you for sharing.
  • WOW, a lot to unpack!  

Keynote Speaker for Fund-Raising Event

  • You were exceptional. I saw people listening, not on their phones, and I saw tears. You provided comfort for empty arms, knowledge and wisdom for an adoption decision, patience for those waiting to receive their child of their heart. You impacted the audience. You touched lives.  Director Mary, Harbor Lights Pregnancy & Information Center.
  • You hit a home run.
  • You kept the audience engaged. Great job!
  • Thank you for sharing your story.
  • You brought me to tears.
  • You touched the heart of my friend, who is 70 years old and adopted. She was blessed to hear of how wanted she was, as she has struggled all her life with being adopted. Now she sees she was wanted, chosen, and planned by GOD. Your Words touched her. You shared a different perspective with wanting to adopt and waiting and praying for your children. Thank you.

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