Inspirational Christian Women’s                           Speaker    

Keynote Messages, Lunch and Learn Talks, Retreats, Mother-Daughter Events, Workshop Speaker and passionate speaker for annual fund-raising events for nonprofits to raise money to support centers and shelters that promote life!

Contact Darlene about speaking at your event. 616.824.1311 or Email!

Darlene’s Keynote Talks!

  • Miracles from the Mess
  • Bankrupt to Blessed
  • Don't Miss Your Assignment
  • Shredded Red Bow
  • Your Life Matters
  • The Surrendered Gift of Motherhood

Testimonials: (more at the bottom link)

  • You are a natural. (Real Possibilities TV SHOW)
  • It was a fantastic show. C afterwards said you were one of the best guests we’ve had and she loved your spirit. I couldn't agree more. Jennifer (MI Director of AARP).
  • When I looked around the room all eyes were focused on you. ( I did not see people checking their Facebook!) Not only did I see their attention but I saw tears. You were exceptional...you touched lives. (Mary, director).
  • I just wanted to thank-you for your time and your teaching. I enjoyed your messages on both Saturday and Sunday, and I respect your passion, boldness, and handling of the Word. (Ranae)
  • Keep on speaking in your love zone of purpose, Darlene! (Susan, Women's Ministry Director) 
  • Darlene, you keep your audience engaged. (Attendee).
  • Darlene, you brought me to tears. (Attendee -Fundraising Event for Harbor Lights Pregnancy & Info. Center) 
  • God's hand is clear and evident in your life and your ministry.  Each time you spoke this last week and weekend, I witnessed the Joy of Christ on your face and in your demeanor.  You are making a difference in the lives of those you touch.  (Pastor Jeff, New Hope Church, E. Tawas, MI) 

Whether speaking at retreats or an all-day event, Darlene's life changing coaching worksheets personalize the experience for the attendees as if they are being coached one on one by Larson, while in the midst of hundreds of women.

Truth based, inspirational, and transformational are three words Darlene aims her talks toward. No woman’s story it too far gone for the Lord not to turn her life around

Darlene's books, the 31 day life-changing inspirational coaching devotional books, Enable me, Lord, to Shift; are you stuck in idle? Learn how to Shift into Truth and live, (spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational) are for sale at speaking events.


  • A Day on Purpose (Or Retreat) Read more!
  • The Bent Over Woman- God’s restoration
  • Mirror Mirror, who am I?
  • Good Orderly Direction – GOD!
  • God’s Grace with Girlfriends
  • ABC’s of Women Friendships - Feedback!
  • Discover How to Balance Your Life
  • No longer part of the Shame Game – Get Rid of the should’ve, ought to, and you better!
  • The Queen of Fear
  • Anger and Woman, what do you do?
  • Change Disappointments to His Appointments
  • Unwrap the Wealth in the Wait
  • Be Bold & Courageous to Face the Unknown
  • A Purpose Party 
  • CPR for Womanhood
  • Two trainings to ministry leaders and business owners to grow an environment of peace.
  • Toxic People, how do I relate, and
  • Learn how to confront in Truth with kindness- Feedback!


Sept. 19th, Workshop Speaker - Writer's Conference!


  • Interviewed on numerous Podcast in 2022!
  • Monday nights - GO LIVE - 7:30 EST Go here!
  • Church Ministries Conference, March 4-5, 2022.  4 Power Packed Workshops! 
  • Reframe Retreat - New Hope Church, East Tawas MI. April 2, 2022
  • The Well Conference - April 28-30th 2022!  2 Workshops
  • Faculty Member at Speak Up 2022 Preparing our Hearts for SpeakUp! -15 minute appointments with women. July 7-9, 2022 Workshop speaker! Join me!
  • ZOOM Speaker for Kate Sheehy ministry. Sept.
  • A Splash of the Well - September 17th- West MI
  • Keynote Speaker - Harbor Lights Pregnancy & Information Center-Fund Raiser Event, East Tawas, MI Oct. 6th.
  • A Day on Purpose - New Hope Church, East Tawas MI. October 8, 2022
  • December - Live Stream for AARP of MI- Discover Your Life Purpose! Listen in!
  • Women's Feedback about Darlene's Speaking