Do you long to live beyond the emotional pain? Or to live beyond anger, the control of others, and to all and anything that is holding you back. “I have been this role, that role, and this role, no wonder I have never been ME. Now I see!” said a coaching client.

Over 90 Days: 

  • You are here in life, but you want to get over there. I help you get – over there.
  • Recognize your limiting beliefs and/or the self-talk that sabotage your dreams so that you can soar.
  • Unlock your potential and power.
  • Examine the sneak peeks you have had about your life purpose and step into them.
  • And become more you to find purpose with your pain from your story and live beyond it, so that you can experience joy, passion, mission, and adventure doing what you are created for and passionate about!
  • Includes 10 hours of private hourly zoom coaching sessions. Coaching curriculum includes PDF’s and access through email and/or text availability.  (Books purchased on your own.) 
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(Over the last 15 years I have coached : Moms, Artists, Coaches, Retirees, Writers, Painters, Speakers, Gem Stone Lovers, Nurses, Women out of sex trafficking, Drs., Pastor’s Wives, Teachers, Counselors, Musicians, Professors, and other gifted creative women.)