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Are you longing to move forward in life?

Hearts with a Purpose exists for women that desire more from their life.

Hungering for more from your life?

  •  “Life Purpose Coaching was a wise investment of my time and resources. Through Darlene’s insightfulness and thought-provoking questions I was able to see clearly the path that I believe that God has set me on… With the help of the Holy Spirit I can’t wait to see how God is going to use me!” Amy, Illinois

Harried from too much busyness? 

     “I really like having the 3 action steps written out to remind myself after my coaching session. It is in my coat pocket with my keys, so I see it every time I’m headed somewhere!” 32 year old woman

Is your Heart Aching as life is not going your way?

  • “What a blessing it was to experience another hour of coaching with Darlene.  I always walk away with a deeper understanding of Truth and action steps! I was not aware of the multiple areas of recovery. Before moving onto the next area of recovery, Darlene had me share an action step that I would take to “bust through” that area.  Accountability is so huge! This coaching session was full of Truth, empowering, and insightful.” Kourtney, age 29.


  • “I had gotten to the point where I felt utterly stuck and alone in my circumstances. Darlene showed me how I could, despite present circumstances, take small but meaningful steps to move myself forward from a place of pain to a place of purpose.” Dana, Tennessee

  Why not have your own coach to cheer you on?

 Darlene Lund

*Coach *Teacher *Speaker *Author

 As an experienced and certified Life Coach I inspire others to change and experience spiritual transformation.

Darlene, thank you for not sugar-coating, dumbing down, minimizing or over-extending us/your message from God to us this weekend. You were my favorite part. I have been to many retreats, but never have I experienced a speaker willing to meet with ladies one on one to put your money where your mouth is and meet us at a personal level. Your unique and empowering ministry is an absolute blessing.  How you can really encourage and address issues with women without shaming them or shutting them down is amazing. Thank you for being committed to Christ, the Gospel, the Kingdom advancement, and to women. Janelle

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NEW! Coaching Packs Available

coaching packs

  Hearts with a Purpose has created individual coaching packs for women to purchase, pick up, put pen to paper, and answer the coaching card questions in a self-discovery process.

The topics and prices are as follow:

  1. Life Purpose Coaching Pack in a clear carrying case – 25 questions designed to help you know the Truth, you have a life purpose!
  2. Breaking Free of Fear Coaching Pack – 15 questions designed to help you begin to live a life of freedom in Truth, includes coaching suggestions.
  3. A Balanced Life Coaching Pack- 35 Questions designed to help you live a healthy balanced life.
  4. Embracing Yourself Coaching Pack – 30 questions designed to help you discover how to enjoy the company of yourself.
  5. Grief and Loss Coaching Pack – 15 Questions designed to help and uphold you during grief and loss in your life, includes coaching suggestions.
  6. Lies that Ensnare Coaching Pack – 15 questions designed to help you recognize and step-out from the lies and doubts in your life.
  7. Piercings from Abuse Coaching Pack – 25 questions designed to help you begin to recognize and cast off the snare of words that abuse has secretly and deceptively painted on your heart and mind.
  8. What’s Next in Life Coaching Pack – 35 Questions designed to help you move forward in the next season of your life.
  9. Infertility Coaching Pack – 24 Questions designed to empower you during this secret sorrow journey.
  10. Joyful Holidays Coaching Pack – 35 questions designed to help you rediscover the joy of the holidays.

Life Purpose Coaching Pack sells for $7.50, all other packs sell for $5.00 each. Combo Deal:

Combine one Life Purpose Pack and two other packs for $15.00 plus shipping and handling fees.

All ten packs sell for $45.00 together, plus shipping and handling fee.

These make great gifts.  Email Darlene to order.

Submersed in the Secret Sorrow of Infertility

Offering hope to women during their infertility journey!

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I am celebrating BIG time! Once upon a time I was the queen of fear. I am relieved to say that I no longer wear that crown. Read my personal story of facing my own fears under the chapter, Face Your  Fears, in Live Big, written by Dr. Katie Brazelton.

I will be using Live Big in coaching women, plus, speaking to audiences throughout the U.S. on  the topic of fear. I would love to hear your feedback after you have read my personal story. Keep stepping towards your fear, I know I am.

Take a step, for You!  Email Darlene@Heartswithapurpose.com  for your free complimentary, no obligation 15 minute coaching session. Taste a bit of coaching so you can feel the experience. You will be heard as you speak and share your desires, disappointments, and dreams, while unveiling your life stories to create forward steps producing joy and a zest to life! I care, connect, console and am compassionate to meet needs of women today.I look forward to hearing from you. Darlene Terrell Lund