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Hearts with a Purpose

Coaching women stuck in toxicity to freedom to discover their life purpose.

Darlene Larson, founder of Hearts with a Purpose is a Christian, Professional Certified Life Coach , Life Purpose Coach ®, Recovery Coach (emotional abuse and toxicity), Grief-Loss Coach, 2 Day Strategic LifePlan Coach and Darlene trains Christian leaders to learn how to confront in truth with kindness.

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Author, Coach, Speaker, Teacher.

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Coaching Offers

Hearts with a Purpose offers customized coaching that meets women right where they are.

Coaching allows women to unpack their stories and empowers them to step forward with purpose.

Do you know who you are?

Life Purpose Coaching ®: Meaningful makeovers. Change lives. Living out of your sweet spot of giftedness.

Clarity. Focus. Forward living. Joy!

Are you stuck in Emotional Abuse?

Recovery Coach: It’s time to paint a different picture free from toxicity.

Restore wholeness. Discover your inner strength. A refreshing way to experience your life purpose.

Has grief stopped you in your tracks?

Grief-Loss Coach: Recycle the pain for good.

Clients testimonials

Darlene Larson, Hearts with a Purpose coaching launched me from drowning to solid ground. Michelle

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You spoke truth into my life situation, and I am now set free from the lies I had been believing about myself – praise Jesus! You helped me establish healthy boundaries in relationships in my life, and for over a year now, those relationships thrive and are full of joy instead of hurting. Through your guidance, by the Holy Spirit at work in you speaking into my specific situation, I am empowered to take steps forward in many areas of my life, and I am no longer stuck. There is a marked difference in my life every day of the impact you have on my life. Thank you Darlene!

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For me, coaching made me more aware that I do the things I do for a reason. I have not always thought about patterns that have taken root in my life. Through the questions you asked me, I was forced to search deep within to find out my real motives for behaviors and responses to people and occurrences. Once I realized what I was getting out of my behavior I was able to see that often times my true motives were not healthy ones. Once I worked on my motives, my behavior could change. When my behavior changed so did the consequences to those behaviors. I found I was being more honest with myself, the Lord and other people in my life. Thank you for being the one to ask me the tough questions! Sheri

Testimonial - image of Sheri


Excellent newsletter Darlene! Your vulnerability really spoke to me! Lisa

Testimonial - Image of Lisa


I was 69 when I joined two of Darlene’s classes. My husband and I had been in missionary work for over 40 years. I was ‘spent’ and ‘dried up’. Darlene’s teaching was like a sunrise. It is fresh and challenging for all ages. I was given time to mull over thoughts about myself. God convinced me He had more for me to do, and it was not an exhausting thought. The very best part of her classes was the CONSTANT pulling us to the Word of God as our point of reference for everything. Today my spirit would be much older, without Darlene’s classes. Ruth

Testimonial - image of Ruth


Darlene, is a woman that lives what she speaks. The road hasn’t always been easy for her. It makes her coaching viable. As she shares her experiences you are pointed to the Lord, our Healer and Comforter, the source of hope in any situation. Peggy

Testimonial - Image of Peggy


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